Vulcan Bass

Music - Instruments - Furniture - Installation

Relics are a series of medium to large personal objects.
They are divided into two collections; Electric Guitars and Furniture.

My first guitar (Wildcat 2003) I built in 2003 while still in school. 
At the time, my friends were starting to play and form bands. 
Becoming engaged with the North Hertfordshire music scene, I decided it was something I'd like to be part of. However, I was not interested in owning an instrument similar to anyone else. 

I reasoned that the effort of building one and the presteige of owning something entirely unique would commit myself with more passion to learing how to play. 


The Fine Art 2009 Degree show at Leeds Metropolitan University I submitted three large items of furniture
They were designed with references to medieval torture devices and were supposed to be a comedic attempt to address the pain and suffering felt by worshiping celebrities as contemporary idols.
One of these chairs was constructed with the Popes coronation chair in mind. 
More recently I have constructed an idealised drawing chair for personal use, however an ergonomic assesment of the peice by the Furniture Industry Research Association suggested it would likely ruin my back. Which it did.