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Harperbury Mental Asylum



Kingsley Green is a mental health and learning disabiity site located in Hertfordshire, England, just southeast of the village of London Colney. Located on Harper Lane, Shenley, Herts WD7 9HQ, it was known as Harperbury Hospital for 61 years and has been a fixture of the area's mental health scene since 1928. It had two sister institutions, Shenley Hospital and Napsbury Hospital, within a few miles of its location.

The Asylum today:

The scaling down at Harperbury resulted in many of the old hospital's buildings becoming abandoned. In many cases much material and equipment were salvaged from the old buildings. Over the years most of the abandoned buildings were visited by vandals and other trespassers. Most, if not all, of these unused buildings are scheduled for demolition. By this time some of them may already be gone.

Thieves have pillaged the old buildings looking for items to steal and sell as scrap metal or as used building material. Sometimes power and telephone service has been disrupted in the buildings on the site still in use. In May 2010 thieves ripped out copper wiring that on two occasions resulted in power disruptions and outages at Harperbury. 

Source: Wikipedia.


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