Canvas Acoustics Project
Painting/Digital 2013 - Present

The Canvas Acoustics Project was established in 2013 as a series of portraits depicting musicians, iconic of their genre.

The project began as a multi-media collaboration with a recording studio, quickly evolving through different mediums to express  a spectrum of audial influence through visual aesthetic.

The facial features of the artists become more symbolic and as a result are reduced in form and texture from what we think we might know of that person to a flat arrangement of shapes we could witness on a digital display.

As an audience, we are unsure of true personality;

As an audience, we are recipients of curated personality;.

As an audience, we are in favor of established rigidity to the genre.

The colours of the face are defined by the colours of the camouflage.

Generally, the camouflage colours are transduced by associations with the genre and perceived public personality - informed by colour theory. As a result, the camouflage loses all military application and the pattern of the camouflage assumes a new meaning. 


The camouflage supports the individual.

The individual is of the camouflage.


© 2016 Phil Fry Art.