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Phil Fry is a contemporary artist, working from his studio in Hertfordshire. He takes inspiration from Pop Culture and the British and American music scene.


"I am fascinated by the brand and the celebritiesm of 20th and 21st century musicians, and the power of those individuals who stand out amongst a camouflage effect of the heavily populated industry."


The iconic imagery of famous musicians is concentrated into an almost vector like state, stripping away detail, and yet retaining the power of instant recognition.


Phil Fry selects his colour schemes with care. Colour balance is a mandatory concern, he elevates his subject from the camouflage, with a carefully calibrated colour pallette.


He has recently produced a series of work exploring the traditional Pin Up, celebrating a very Western iconic style, with a difference. Phil Fry bestows upon his Pin Up subjects an ability to fly, celebrating the relationship between Second World War pilots and the women who have adorned these historical planes.

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